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Ameer Hamza is an online store that has specialized in organic oil products. We are glad to inform you that we deal in various oil products such as essential oils, dietary oils, grooming oils, etc. All of our oil products are 100% real and organic, extracted from high-quality seeds, leaves, and flowers. With the recent change in trends, people are now much more informed about the uses and benefits of organic oil. Organic oil can be used in multiple ways such as cooking oil, massage oil, and hair oil, and can even be incorporated into face and hair masks.

Health is one of the most important aspects of life. When we are unhealthy even the smallest tasks will feel like a burden. We’ll get tired easily and our brain might not function properly. That’s why we are working day and night to serve you with the best quality organic oil loaded with nutrition to work as perfect dietary supplements. Furthermore, massage provided by essential organic oils relieves stress and anxiety and can help you sleep better.

Since ancient times, doctors and therapists have been using organic oils into their medicine as they are packed nutritious components. They are used for treating joints, regulating blood pressure, combating diabetes, balancing hormones. Due to high level of antioxidants in them, organic oils are perfect fighters against injections. Organic oils act as natural lubricants and can be used for treating occasional constipation. They are the non-toxic beauty products used for strengthening, smoothening and nourishing your hair and skin and the list goes on.




Keeping in mind all the benefits that organic oils can provide us, we at Ameer Hamza have created 100% organic oil with a goal that health is the ultimate wealth. All of products are listed with detailed descriptions to help you understand the composition and benefits of each product. Our products are made from natural ingredients without the use any harsh toxins or fragrances. If you’re looking for all natural, premium quality yet affordable organic oil products, Ameer Hamza is your best option.

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